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Serving Australia Since 2002. Based in the Gold Coast, South Queensland.

OzByte is a provider of Information Technology & business products and services;


  • web hosting
  • website design
  • internet domains
  • email servers and services
  • computer graphics
  • e-commerce solutions
  • photographics, audio and video engineering and editing
  • CD, DVD and Blu-Ray mastering
  • digital mastering of legacy technologies
  • computer repair and upgrades
  • advertising, marketing, collateral writing
  • corporate presence, printing, flyers & logos
  • Australian business and corporate registration consultancy
  • network support
  • database maintenance and programming
  • Autocad consultancy
  • computer security and data recovery
  • computer tuition–both classes and 1:1 assistance
  • special 1:1 or group classes for the Developmentally Disabled




Affiliate Marketing... Enhanced!

Utilise the power of the internet and social web to leverage more sales for your product. Easily and with great effectiveness. Harness affiliate power!

Webmaster Traffic Tools

Use these tools to boost traffic to your website, blog or social media pages, and watch the hits skyrocket…

Professional Video Editing Assistance Made Easy


A variety of tools now exist to make video production into a less laborious and time-draining process, without the steep learning curve of conventional software. Pay a professional or get professional results the smarter, economical way.

Other Tools

¬†Miscellaneous-and very helpful tools. Artificial intelligence chatbots, easy funnel development, and other things to make life easier and more productive…

17 years of service to Australia
Digital Services since 2002